The Refuge

The Refuge seeks to serve the community with a unique recovery support group that welcomes those in recovery and also those that support them in their effort.  Our meetings look like ‘life’.  We share experience, strength, and hope. 


Experience ~ We have numerous ‘anchor’ members that have at least a decade of sobriety.  With remarkably different stories to tell, these leaders and mentors help those in early recovery see that Light that is at the end of the tunnel.  We purposefully assemble, not to tell old ‘war stories’ of our days in addiction, but, to show our scars and to help focus those that might need direction or that minor path correction.

Strength ~ We absolutely can do “all things through Christ” but our meeting acknowledges that we have it to do!  Recovery is a process, a healing of mind, body and soul. We draw strength from each other in the assembling of ourselves together.

Hope ~ Our hope is in Jesus Christ and Him alone.  The message of the Cross and the deliverance that Jesus gave us through the atonement is available to everyone and we seek to spread this hope. Those that are hurting and hopeless need this message the most.  Our goal is to be His hand extended in our local community.


Everyone starts somewhere. We have all had that moment that makes you wonder if this is truly the end.  The Crossing Church strongly believes that ‘if there is breath, there is hope, and a plan that God has for that person”.  The ministry of The Refuge is to help those that have addiction as part of their story, see their story as God has written for them.  We don’t settle for ‘sober’, our goal is “Eyes on Him!” #eyesonhim

This group meets at the church in the Fellowship Hall on Mondays at 6:30 for a meal and the Meeting Starts at 7pm.