Our lead pastor

Kermit McPeek

Leads the Crossing Ministry Teams

Serves as the Board President

Director of Worship

Dennis Rimes

Leads Worship Team and Praise Band

Director of Guest Experience

Todd Heptinstall

Guest Service Administrator

Creative and Production Team Leader

Communications and Public Relations

Co-Directors of Youth Ministry

Jeremiah and Abbie Maples

Leads Impact youth Ministry

Serves as an Associate Pastor

Co-Directors of Children's Ministry

Pastor Eric and Janie McPeake

Leads the Crossing Kidz Children's Ministry

Serves as an Associate Pastor

Director of the fix

Curtis Trotter

Leads Addiction Recovery Ministry

Director of TipOff ministries

Dion Hunt

Associate Pastor

Tipoff Basketball Leader/Coach

Additional Ministry Leaders

Mike Keener, Board Trustee

Sam Pratt, Board Trustee

David Jenkins, Board Trustee

Tim McCormack, Board Trustee

Jeremy Puckett, Deacon

Richard Ownby, Deacon

Randy "Tater" Keener, Deacon

Pam Buchanan, Church Secretary

Sereta Pratt, Church Treasurer

Dennis Maples, Associate pastor

John Stair, Associate Pastor

Rick Conley, Associate Pastor

Tom Waser, Associate Pastor

Gordon & Melanie Stevens, Co-Director of Helping Hands

Karen Fulwiller, Director of Ladies Fellowship

Jeff Kiser, Director of Men's Ministry

cACI sTARKEY,  Director of Nursery