KY Disaster Relief

Several urgent needs have been identified for those in Kentucky affected by the flooding disaster.  In response to this, we are currently collecting items and raising funds to help. 

Here are items we are collecting

1 - Water - Severely Needed - Bottled and Gallon sized

2 - Bleach

3 - Non-Perishable Food

4 - Hygiene products

5 - Baby Wipes and Diapers

To help serve our neighbors in Kentucky you can the listed items our church service on Wednesday Night and Sunday, or even drop them off anytime.  You can place these in the new building addition and we will collect them during the week.

You can also make a donation to help purchase the needed supplies and the cost of delivery.

CLICK HERE to make a financial donation to purchase .

The Crossing Church Water Project

Water is urgently needed.  For drinking, cooking and cleaning they need water. 
You can purchase a case of water from our online CHURCH MERCH SHOP for us to take to the communities in need.  

These are 5 dollars to cover the water cost and delivery.  You can buy 1 or 100.  Every dollar an donation is a huge help.

CLICK HERE to purchase a case of water and have it sent to Kentucky